Are you looking for candidates for your Customer Contact Center but have difficulty to reach your goals? Candidates are scarce in the current market.  In the face of critical talent shortages, your job offer must be prepared in such a way that it will attract the highest quality candidates! If you want to reach your recruitment objectives, you have to improve your Customer Contact Center job postings!

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1) Job Posting ≠ Job Description

A job posting is different from a job description!

Candidates must want to apply for your job offer and so you need to be clear about your expectations.  In a job market where the number of candidates in Call Centers and Customer Contact Centers is low, you should sell the job by highlighting its benefits!

2) Highlight the advantages of the position

Start your offer with the benefits of the job for the candidate. Today, job offers are read quickly like everything else on the Internet. You have only a few seconds to catch their interest.  Start with the strengths of your offer and no doubt there are many!  For example, choose the most important items from the list below (in the order that suits you):

  • The salary
  • Schedules (full-time, part-time…)
  • Job location (Down town, close to a metro…)
  • Other benefits (group insurance, pension…)
  • Anything that can pique their interest (free coffee, possibility of teleworking…)
  • Your corporate culture (teamwork, career development, internal training…)

3) Choose wisely the job title

Give careful attention to the title and the content of your offer. keep in mind that the title of the job posting does not necessarily have to match the title of the job description. Avoid “Call Center Agent”. Be innovative.  You want to stand out from your competitors.  Look at the examples on our site at   job titles on C3Job for ideas. You can also include some of the benefits listed in the previous paragraph and drop them in the title to improve your Customer Contact Center job postings!

4) Check the requirements of the position

No one fits a job description perfectly, and there is no such thing as the perfect candidate.  Do not discourage applicants who might suit the job by listing requirements you really don’t need. In addition, many candidates for Customer Contact Centers have not been educated in Canada.  Go ahead and indicate “or equivalent” in the offer showing that you accept foreign degrees at a similar level.

In today’s market, recruiters must tailor job offerings and keep an open mind when candidates show up with an atypical job history. It is not uncommon for some individuals to excel in a position even if their CV does not appear suitable at first glance.

5) Time to be visually creative with your job postings

Do you have a pleasant office environment, a comfortable spot to relax, an appealing cafeteria that makes you stand out?  Take a leap and snap a picture then  include it in your job offers.

If the candidate can visualize your company, you are well on your way towards securing job applications! It can ease the recruiting process.

Beautiful place to work improve your  job postinfs
Who would not like to work there!

C3Job can help you to improve your customer contact center job postings and stand out as an employer. Contact us now!