Write your CV carefully!
Write your CV carefully!

Did you redo your resume? Want to make sure you adapt your CV to put all the odds in your favor for a job in a Customer Contact Center? Do you want to customize your current CV to increase your chances to secure a job in a Customer Contact Center?

Here is our checklist to make sure you adapt your CV and avoid common mistakes before applying to our offers.

Your contact information

As silly as it seems, make sure your phone number is up-to-date (preferably your cellphone)! Recruiters prefer to reach you this way to set up an interview! Feel free to put your Linkedin link if your profile has been refreshed.


It’s mandatory. Don’t be shy.  Mention the languages you know.  There is no need to specify your level of fluency.  Remember it is best not to lie.   This is the first thing recruiters will test during the interview.  There is tolerance for accents so long as you understand!

If the job offer requires a particular language (English or French), adapt your CV in that language; otherwise, both languages work.

Your work experience

Even if you have never worked in a Customer Contact Center, any experience working with the public should be added to adapt your CV.    It is useful for the recruiter to know if you have customer service experience be it as a cashier in a supermarket, retail sales in a boutique or in a restaurant.   The recruiter wants to know you can interact with customers!

Do list any other background experience providing just a short description in each case.

Your diplomas

This is less important but it will give the recruiter an indication of your writing skills. Although most of the jobs are on the phone, it may be necessary to write e-mails or take notes during a call.  It also shows the recruiter your areas of interest and your potential for growth.

Your goal

Are you looking for full time or part time employment?  Do you want a permanent or temporary job? Do you prefer to work in the evening, during the night or over the weekend? Let the recruiter know! Positions are quite diverse in a Customer Contact Center and will allow you to find the right job that will match your availability and  interests.

So do not hesitate to adapt your CV for Call Centers before applying on C3Job !