Don’t be so quick to say you have no customer service experience.   Think it through reflecting on the nontraditional people-oriented settings where you practice the art of communication.   As the recollection of your many efforts rises to the surface, it is time to let that service experience shine on your CV. Recruiters will spot your talents right away.

What does this actually mean?

Let’s dig deeper.  You decided to give back to your community and spend a few hours a week perhaps at a senior center playing cards with a hippie from the 60s or listening to an aging and lonely tattoo artist who weaves a compelling story.  

Possibly, you tutor a new immigrant or earn a few extra dollars working evenings at a coffee shop.   If you are sports minded and coach youngsters in a soccer or baseball team, get it down on paper.  Not to be forgotten are the summer months you spent abroad with CUSO, an organization committed to international development.

Two important hints for the interview

Let’s move to the interview itself.  Three words that ring out loud and clear: prepare, prepare, prepare.  You can take a few simple steps to shake yourself into action.

  • Internet lays out before you the most common call center interview questions you will face.   Check it out and practice.
  • Do your research. Visit the company’s website, read news releases about them, go through their annual report.

Do you what it takes to serve customers?

  • Your character traits will stand out quickly in a Customer Contact Center.  Do you fly off the handle easily, continually interrupt during a conversation and boredom can be heard in your voice?  Cultivating a more positive attitude will yield greater success in getting that job and keeping it.
  • It will be no surprise to you that customers call for information, have a problem or just want to complain to someone.  If you are a good listener and think fast on your feet, you already have essential skills to be a creative problem-solver when faced with complex issues.

“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right. “

Henry Ford