Why do some recruiters perform better than others in the search to recruit qualified Call Center candidates? And how HR Marketing can help you to attract qualified call center candidates and reach your recruitment needs.

Recruiters are having a tough time of it these days. Quebec’s labour shortage affects all business sectors. Call centers are no exception. 

Many recruiters are still trying to work out an appropriate strategy for their call centers and finding fresh talent has become scarce. Some decide that a recruitment strategy is a time-waster while others are adapting and creating innovative campaigns

Have you ever put yourself in the shoes of a candidate these days? With a simple click on the Internet, the individual has access to a slew of job offers. It’s like buying a new phone, a new car, new clothing or shopping for a new relationship. You will define what is most attractive for you, shop then choose your best option? You will compare the comments and then search for the nearest store? What’s the price? And if you don’t find what you’re looking for easily in the first store, you go to the next one.

We are in a market where we cannot let the call center candidates go to the next one. Qualified candidates are more difficult to find.      Therefore, we must  1) attract the attention of the candidates, 2) entice them 3) convince them and finally 4) retain them.

But one wonders how we can attract, entice, convince them or even how to retain them?


When you fish, you need bait because you know fish want to eat. Same rule applies when you are recruiting.! Do you know what your current employees prefer in your business? Take advantage of your real strengths to recruit call center candidates. If you don’t know what’s most important to your employees, it would be a good time to do an internal survey.

Need advice on how to improve your job offers?


When you go on a first datewill you start talking about your negative traits? Your date will run for the hills. In the same way, you wonder if the other person has what you are looking for. In today’s market, you need to focus on the basics while keeping your corporate values in mind.  

To entice candidates, you must create interest in your business

Showcase your business highlighting the perks you can offer. The small details that we sometimes disregard may be the clincher:

  • Do you have free coffee for all employees?
  • Is there a discount on a gym membership?
  • Does your company organize events to build camaraderie among your employees?
  • What do you have that the competition lacks?

Want more ideas how to entice and recruit call center candidates? C3Job allows you to highlight your strengths through a recruiter interview allowing the candidate to visualize himself or herself in your company!


A satisfied employee can convince a possible candidate in the same way that a current disgruntled employee can influence the decision of a potential candidate.  A business with a friendly and dynamic atmosphere is essential.

Do you have an employee who is leaving your company? There is an invaluable lesson here.  Find out why, analyze the reason and formulate a solution to the problem. We all know that today a brand image can influence candidates.

In addition, ask a candidate why he or she has refused your job proposal.  And why was another company chosen over yours? The more you know, the more you will be well armed for your recruiting campaign.


Once the ball is in your court, it’s up to you to make the right next play to hold onto your new employees.

A good orientation and training plan for new call center candidates is paramount.  Employees must feel committed and supported so make sure your vision and goals are clear.


Are you sure you are up-to-date and adapted to the new market? A company with a high turnover rate is ultimately undergoing additional training costs and a loss of time and money for the company.

To attract the best talent, write your job offers with your candidate in mind.  When there is a choice between several jobs, make sure your company stands out so that he or she chooses you!

At C3Job, we can help you improve your job offers and recruit call center candidates in your Customer Contact Center!