We all agree that telework was not a pleasure for many during confinement. But we must not put a cross on it because of this difficult period. Many Canadians were looking for a job in telework before the crisis (at least partially…) and this will be even more the case after the crisis!

It’s up to you to adapt to this demand, and you’ll find some advantages as well. Why should you succumb to the benefits of telecommuting? Let’s see…

1) Because your employees are asking for it!

The main benefits of telecommuting for employees are well known:

  • Less travel time and cost (and traffic stress bye-bye)
  • Work-life balance (thus an increased opportunity to organize their time)
  • Positive impacts on family life (eating together at lunchtime or going for a walk during breaks, for example)

“79% of Canadians who have been teleworked would be satisfied with their experience, according to a Léger survey conducted at the end of April.”

2) Because it increases their productivity

  • 90% of employees think they are at least as productive as in the office
  • 55% even think they are more productive in telecommuting.
  • Surprisingly, the opinion of employers is the same: 65% of companies notice an improvement in productivity among their employees in telework.

Letting an employee work in telework as he wishes would be positive on his morale as well as on his sense of belonging to the company, hence an increase in his productivity, beneficial to you also employers.

3) Because it costs you less

First of all, telework obviously saves money on office rent.

But it can also reduce the number of employees. One can think of employees dealing with material resources, receptionist or cafeteria employees.

But not only: 36% of employees would agree to accept a lower income if they were allowed to work remotely, according to an Indeed study. 

4) Because it’s good for the environment

If you have an environmental awareness, the idea of telecommuting should also appeal to you because it is positive for the environment with the reduction of emissions related to journeys. 

5) Because it forces you to work and therefore to think differently

You want to modernize your business, find a better organization: telecommuting is not a hindrance, quite the contrary.

Telework can improve the organization of your business. Containment has shown that it has been necessary to adapt by finding new ways to communicate, hold meetings, or carry out one’s work more generally. And these adaptations could be real discoveries that will last even without telework, while it’s telework has allowed us to think about it… Telework actually allows you to have a different perspective on your business… What better way to get new ideas?

6) Because it makes recruitment easier

Telework also makes it easier to hire more diverse profiles, such as people with reduced mobility. But it also allows you to hire without geographical constraints. Hence a wider recruitment pool for you recruiters!

It also opens up international opportunities, which is very culturally interesting and can therefore help to bring new projects to fruition. And also accelerate your internationalization!

7) Because technology can make it fun

To talk about the many people reluctant to digital (the famous technouilles)… They quickly changed their minds about our saviors in containment times, whether it was Teams, Zoom or Google Meet for example. Even though the first meetings were more painful than constructive, we quickly realized that a telework meeting is not that bad… or even that it has advantages:

  • There is no excuse for transportation when you are late, so there are far fewer delays.
  • We also go much more to the essentials to avoid that it lasts too long with unnecessary chatter …
  • And above all: you can stay in your pajamas downstairs!

Different digital systems put in place to communicate and collaborate within companies will be retained as they are considered more efficient than old-fashioned communication.

8) Because until the end of the COVID crisis, this is the most safe

It’s August and we’re still not rid of the Covid… It is up to us to learn to live with and therefore to adapt our businesses in a sustainable way.

Telework is a way to dodge all the measures to be put in place in the office, be it the wearing of masks, regular disinfection, distance, limiting the number of people in the premises…

And it also prevents contamination/containment of all employees if an employee is tested positive.

And let’s not talk about misfortune, but it would be useful to have employees totally ready to telework in case of re-containment…

Telework has shown that it is a very resilient way of working in the event of a hard hit… And the same goes for problems other than the Covid.

In conclusion, perpetuating telework is now or never

Enjoyed and sought after by employees, telecommuting should no longer scare you about the productivity or involvement of your employees. It can bring something new to your business and even save you money… why not to invest in new projects?

And to end with the persistent health situation: telework is above all safe…