Représentant.e bilingue, Services à la clientèle / Bilingual Customer



Numeris is the most trusted and recognized source of consumer audience and behavioural data in Canada. In addition to being an authority in terms of business intelligence with broadcasters, advertisers and advertising agencies, for more than 75 years, Numeris has distinguished itself by being the reference in audience intelligence.

We have great people doing an exceptional job. We proudly create an environment conducive to continuing education and opportunities for career advancement. Our teams, focused on collaboration and curiosity, are dedicated to delivering a quality experience. We love what we do, love working together, and support initiatives to contribute to the community. We are looking for talent to help us shape the future of Numeris while having fun.

Numeris is Canada's most trusted and authoritative source for broadcast measurement and consumer behaviour data. As well, the industry leading intelligence provider to broadcasters, advertisers, and agencies. We have been recognized for over 75 years as providing the gold standard in audience intelligence.

We have great people who do exceptional work. We take pride in building an environment of continuous learning and career advancement opportunities. Our teams are collaborative, curious, and dedicated to creating quality experiences. We love what we do, enjoy each other's company, and support initiatives to give back to our communities. We are looking for people to help us shape the future of Numeris, and have a lot of fun along the way.

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Votre rôle

À titre de représentant.e bilinque, Services à la clientèle (ou, autrement décrit, administrateur,trice de panel) chez Numeris, vous représenterez l’organisation lors de vos interactions avec nos participants à la mesure des cotes d’écoute (nos répondants).  Vos employeurs précédents ont vanté votre « enthousiasme fougueux » et votre excellent service à la clientèle ainsi que vos habiletés sur le plan de la communication et des relations interpersonnelles. Dans l’exercice de vos fonctions, vous porterez une grande attention aux détails qui est de mise afin d’assurer la qualité des données dans tout ce que vous ferez.

Une journée typique

Votre journée typique sera axée sur vos interactions avec des répondants, actuels et nouveaux, tous âges confondus, dans les régions de l’ouest du Canada. Vous aurez la chance de créer une relation avec ces derniers (il ne s’agit pas d’appels de sollicitation à froid) et vous aurez à :

- Leur fournir un encadrement et à les sensibiliser aux politiques et aux procédures

- Résoudre de simples problèmes techniques au téléphone

- Résoudre des problèmes afin de les aider à relever les défis pouvant les démotiver

- Investiguer et poser des questions pour combler le manque d’information afin de déterminer le plan d’action le plus approprié en vertu des politiques et pratiques relatives aux études de marché et au contrôle de la qualité

- Vous profiterez d’un horaire fixe de quatre jours de semaine et d’un jour de fin de semaine

Compétences requises

- Études postsecondaires complétées (de préférence) et un minimum d’un an d’expérience en service à la clientèle ou autre expérience connexe

- Intermediate knowledge of the MS Office suite (Word, Excel and Outlook)

- Excellent skills in customer service and professional support

- Excellent communication skills

- Analytical mind and problem-solving skills

- Excellent attention to detail and ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously

What do you stand to gain?

- Comprehensive training and support from start to finish to prepare you for this role

- Projects – The chance to work on exciting projects and make an impact on the broadcasting industry

- Competitive benefits and group savings and retirement programs

- Perkopolis – Program offering exclusive discounts on products and services to employé.es (in-store purchases, movie/event/show tickets and much more!)

- Casual dress code – we follow an "ideal fit for the day" policy, allowing employé.es to use their own judgment about their dress based on activities planned for the upcoming day


Who You Are

As a Bilingual Customer Service Representative (or as we call them, Panel Administrator) with Numeris, you will represent the organization when interacting with our broadcast rating measurement participants (our respondents). Your previous employers have praised your "spark", and excellent customer service, communication and interpersonal skills. In this role, you will also be able to demonstrate your strong attention to detail by ensuring data quality in everything you do.

A Day in the Life

Your typical day will center around talking with new and existing research respondents of all ages, from across western Canada. You will have a chance to build relationships with your respondents (this is not a cold calling role!), and you will:

- Coach and educate them on policies and procedures

- Resolve simple technical issues for them over the phone

- Problem solve to help them overcome participation challenges.

- Probe and ask questions to fill in any gaps so that you can determine the appropriate course of action according to market research and - quality control policies and practices.

- In this role, you will have the benefit of a set shift schedule of four weekdays and one weekend day.

Qualifications and Requirements

- Post-secondary completion preferred, with a minimum of one year customer service or other related experience

- Intermediate knowledge of MS Office (Word, Excel, and Outlook)

- Excellent customer service and coaching skills

- Excellent communication

- Analytical thinking and problem solving skills

- Excellent attention to detail, and the ability to multi-task

What's in it for you?

- Comprehensive training program with end-to-end support to prepare you for the role

- Projects - Opportunity to work on exciting projects and make an impact on the broadcast industry

- Competitive benefits package and group savings and retirement program

- Perkopolis - Participation in a program that provides exclusive discounts on products and services to employees. Perks include shopping discounts, movie tickets, services event/show tickets and much more!

- Casual dress code - We follow a "dress for your day" policy, allowing employees to use their discretion on what is appropriate for their work activities that day


Integrity, Accountability, Collaboration, Innovation, Customer Approach

Numeris subscribes to the principle of equal access to employment.

We are committed to inclusive and barrier-free selection processes and workplaces. If you are contacted for a vacancy, please notify Talent and Culture if accommodation is required to ensure that you benefit from a fair and equitable process. Any information relating to the adaptation will be treated confidentially.



Integrity, Accountability, Collaboration, Innovation, Customer Centricity

Numeris is an equal opportunity employer

We are committed to an inclusive, barrier-free recruitment and selection process and work environment. If you are contacted for a job opportunity, please advise the People & Culture department if any accommodations are needed to ensure you have access to a fair and equitable process. Any information received relating to accommodation will be addressed confidentially.

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